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  • My ideal lens travel set-up (possibly)

    My ideal lens travel set-up (possibly)

    Weight is your enemy When I first transitioned from my Nikon D750 to the Fujifilm system, my main goal, as many others have experimented, was the search of lightness and mobility.

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  • India


    Everything you’ve heard about India is true and at the same time every traveller has a very different and unique experience in this country. Of course this is a huge country, there are many different Indias. You can easily get overwhelmed by the intensity of life, the people, the honking and the streets. It is […]

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  • Lebanon


    I had the chance to travel to Lebanon in June of 2019. It had been a wanna go destination for me for quite a long time now. I’ve been travelling to several Arab countries in the last years, and Lebanon has always captivated my attention and curiosity. I found a complex, contrasty and culturally rich […]

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