• No Kaizen love anymore

    No Kaizen love anymore

    For those not very familiar with Fujifilm, kaizen is a Japanese word that means “improvement” and could be further be defined as :

  • A case for Fujinon small manual lenses

    A case for Fujinon small manual lenses

    Why I would love Fujifilm to start a line of faster and smaller manual lenses

  • The future of photography

    The future of photography

    I started writing this post a few days ago but it took me longer than expected to finish it. So today I was watching the iPhone 12 event and it brought to me some reflexion on the future of our beloved hobby that I want to share with you. If you take a look to […]

  • Shooting black and white for one year

    Shooting black and white for one year

    What did I learn ? In my last article I talked about the different film simulations in Fuji cameras and how beautiful their colour renditions are. Personally, it turns out that my own preference in the last year or so has been shooting everything in b&w and I’d like to explain a little about the […]

  • Why I like Fujifilm

    Why I like Fujifilm

    For me it was a bit of coincidence when I first took the turn towards the Fuji system. As I already mentioned earlier I am a very latecomer to the Fuji cameras.

  • Features vs emotions

    Features vs emotions

    I get sometimes the impression than in today’s internet photography world, specially the YouTube photography world, the reality gets a sort of time space distortion. Let me explain myself.