The Fujinon 35mm F1.4 R (kind of review)

This is the second lens I purchased when I got into the Fujifilm system. I bought it second hand altogether with my X-Pro2 because the seller gave me a good pack price. I must confess I didn’t know much about the reputation of this lens, so this was a total surprise for me when I started to see the great results I got from it. It’s quite difficult, for me at least, to explain exactly why this is a unique lens in the Fujinon lineup. Many people describe it as “magic” which of course is quite a relative and personal way to describe its character. As this is one of the first lenses issued for the X system by Fuji (around 2012 I think) you can find countless reviews of it, quite a lot more technical than this one you are reading now. Fujifilm even dedicated a special page and promo video to it last year as it turns out it has become quite a classic one on its own (they even dubbed it “The Original”).