The Fuji X-Pro3 long term kind of review

As with other pseudo reviews in this site I won’t delve in all the technicalities of this camera. My aim here is to share my shooting experience and hopefully to give you a better idea of what you can expect if you are planning to buy this quite expensive piece of gear. As it stands and for the time being, this is still the pricier camera you can get in all the X line camera series. It’s a niche camera that will appeal to a reduced set of photographers that are seeking for a different photographic experience, in theory, one that might resemble what shooting with film was like, although with the benefits (and limitations) of a “modern” digital camera.

The Fujinon 35mm F1.4 R (kind of review)

This is the second lens I purchased when I got into the Fujifilm system. I bought it second hand altogether with my X-Pro2 because the seller gave me a good pack price. I must confess I didn’t know much about the reputation of this lens, so this was a total surprise for me when I started to see the great results I got from it. It’s quite difficult, for me at least, to explain exactly why this is a unique lens in the Fujinon lineup. Many people describe it as “magic” which of course is quite a relative and personal way to describe its character. As this is one of the first lenses issued for the X system by Fuji (around 2012 I think) you can find countless reviews of it, quite a lot more technical than this one you are reading now. Fujifilm even dedicated a special page and promo video to it last year as it turns out it has become quite a classic one on its own (they even dubbed it “The Original”).