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  • The Fuji X-Pro3 long term kind of review

    The Fuji X-Pro3  long term kind of review

    As with other pseudo reviews in this site I won’t delve in all the technicalities of this camera. My aim here is to share my shooting experience and hopefully to give you a better idea of what you can expect if you are planning to buy this quite expensive piece of gear. As it stands […]

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  • My X-Pro3 sub-monitor issue

    My X-Pro3 sub-monitor issue

    Background I’ve enjoyed my X-Pro3 camera since the first day I’ve had it. I previously owned an X-Pro2 which had been my sort of perfect camera, from street photography to travel photography. After long thought I decided to upgrade to the X-Pro3 and sell the X-Pro2 which I quite frankly regret sometimes, not because I’m […]

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