Tokyo Vice film simulation (X-trans IV)

For some time now I’ve been looking to use the more “traditional” film simulations as a building base for my recipes. I mean “traditional” in that those recipes are the original ones, those that came out with the first consumer series cameras way back in the day, like the venerable FinePix F200EXR.

This particular one I cooked inspired by the aesthetics of the excellent TV series, you guessed it, Tokyo Vice. Actually the different episodes themselves have been directed by various directors, and although the aesthetics remain consistent throughout the series, I think this recipe resembles most the latest episodes.

To recreate a bit of the mood of the series I found that the ASTIA simulation was a sensible choice. In the own words of Fujifilm “.. ASTIA also delivers vibrant colours with extra saturation, but its contrast is softer, making this a good choice for fashion, interiors, and even portraits. The original FUJICHROME ASTIA boasted the softest tonal reproduction in its class, and was able to reproduce the most delicate of details” If you are interested in the nitty-gritty you can find a very colour oriented in-depth analysis here.

As always this simulation is a work in progress, I’ve tweaked it several times when I thought it could improve a particular aspect. The reference to the Tokyo Vice series is mainly an excuse to serve as an inspiration to try a new recipe and, as such; it is not ment to be an exact reproduction of the series film look.

I find that this recipe is most accurate in daylight, normal conditions. At night you may want to try a different K setting other than AUTO, but keeping the same White Balance shift.

In camera settings
  • Film Simulation: Astia
  • Exposure compensation : 0
  • Grain effect: Off
  • Monochromatic color: 0
  • Iso settings: from iso 320 up
  • Color Chrome Effect: Strong
  • Color Chrome Effect Blue: Strong
  • White balance: AUTO 5 Red, -4 Blue
  • Dynamic Range: DR100
  • Tone Curve: H: -1 , S: +0
  • Color: -3
  • Sharpness: -2
  • Noise reduction: -3
  • Clarity: 0

I’ll leave you, as usual, some examples so you can see the look. I’ve also included night shots which are with the standard (AUTO) setting

I hope you’ll find it useful live me a comment even if you don’t like it !






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