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Kamlan 50mm Mk II f/1.1 samples

Kamlan 50mm Mk II f/1.1 samples

As for my review of the 7Artisans 35mm this wont be a technical review of this lens you can find a very detailed one here. I will post a variety of samples photos that hopefully will give you a better idea of what you can expect.


As I understand this MarkII version is much more advanced optical and much sharper than the first iteration. As a result, from a practical aspect you have to know that this lens is quite a big chunk of glass and is quite on the heavy side, much more than the previous version. At more than 600 grams you will, no doubt about it, be very conscious That it is attached to your camera. On my X-Pro2 it feels quite heavy and makes it tilt heavily to the front. If you plan to carry it around, let’s say, for low light street photography, your neck or wrist will feel it after some time of using.

The aperture ring is click-less, which may annoy you (it does for me) but rejoice you if you use this lens for video.

The focussing ring is a little on the stiff side for my liking but quite nice overall.

Construction build is metal (even the lens hood) and feels nice and solid.

Sample images

As you can see this lens shines low light conditions, the bokeh is quite creamy. As expected with this kind of aperture you will get quite a lot of purple and green fringing at f/1.1 which is kind of inevitable. Sharpness in the centre is good, I don’t find this to be an issue.

I bought this lens myself for portraiture.Because this f/1.1 is a manual focus lens it takes some practice to nail focus accurately when wide open because of the resulting very thin depth of field. But when you get it right, the result is very pleasing .

At its price tag of around 250 € I think this lens is very good value, no doubt about it.


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