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7Artisans 35mm f/1.2 samples

7Artisans 35mm f/1.2 samples

This is not a proper technical review of this lens, there are plenty of them if you google it, which you surely already did if you landed here 🙂 It’s a little non expensive, manual focus and fast 35mm lens that is very fun to use if you know what to use it for.

Lens shots. The “Leica” style lens sun cover on picture #1 does not come with the lens


  • Price
  • Size & weight
  • Fast aperture
  • Fun to shoot
  • Renders a somehow non perfect classic look
  • Good building quality
  • Smooth operation
  • Acceptably sharp when stopped down


  • Flares quite a lot
  • Heavy vignetting at widest apertures
  • Purple and green fringing
  • Fairly soft at wider apertures
  • Click less aperture ring (some might favour this)

Once you know it’s limitations you can relax and use it to your advantage. Personally I bought it to use it when shooting black and white or “retro” fujifilm recipes

Some image samples in various conditions

Most of the pictures shot at F/1.2


I like this lens, it’s quite fun to use. You never exactly know what will be the result when you press the shutter. Sometimes you get some “weird” light effects, some flares that although unexpected give your shot a character that other more optically perfect lenses won’t give you. As I see it, it is a lens that you can use for your own fun, that encourages you to experiment and that is so tiny and light that you won’t think twice about taking it out, specially when you go for a street photography session. I wouldn’t use it for more professional work though, unless you go for a very specific look and result. For the price you pay for it you will get great value no doubt about it.

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