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Why I bought a Fujifilm X-Pro2 and is it still a relevant camera in 2020 ?

Why I bought a Fujifilm X-Pro2 and is it still a relevant camera in 2020 ?

If you don’t feel like reading the following post, the short answer is totally !

Looking for a lighter setup

As many of you probably, I finally took the step to switch to a mirrorless system some time ago. Quite late as a matter of fact. It was back in 2019. I had been a Nikon user for quite some years, mainly mid entry level cameras like de 5100 series for those who are familiar. In the last years after saving enough money I finally bought a D750 (a full frame camera for those who don’t know) which I got to love very much and made perfectly beautiful photographs with, some of them I still very much love to the present day. In a sense I still consider that the flexibility of the files in terms of dynamic range and the cleanliness of the files, specially the colours at high isos, is beautiful. As many of you, no doubt, I got tired to lug around the amount of weight that a camera and a couple of good primes lenses represent (in particular during travel times and hiking).

X-Pro2 ( f/3.6 – 1/1600sec – ISO-500 – 35mm ]

As a result I started to look for an alternative. I had been looking to the Nikon Z6 and also Sony cameras, because I still felt in my mind that I needed to have a full frame camera, but I wasn’t much convinced, partially because I didn’t want to spend such an amount of money and partially because the images I saw on the Sony side failed to impress me (I dislike the colours straight out of camera). Also, I failed to see a tremendously (although significant over the D750) gain of weigh, that could justify my investment. I have to clarify that I am neither a professional photographer, nor do I dispose unlimited amounts of cash !

Getting to know the Fuji X system

So it happened this was the time of the release of the XT-30 to the market and my attention was drawn to this new camera by a few reviews I saw on YouTube searching for “travel camera”. I quite frankly must admit that I didn’t know anything about Fuji cameras at that time. Funnily enough, even in film times I was more inclined to use Kodak rolls than Fujifilm‘s !. I was immediately seduced by the retro aspect of the little camera, which I find beautiful. It was a just a week before I had planned to travel to Lebanon so I bough the XT-30 with the (fantastic) 18-55mm “kit” lens. I though that even if I didn’t finally like the camera I could easily sale it afterwards, because I didn’t spend an awful amount of money on it, and because it was new on the market.

I was immediately seduced by the camera, the quality of the photographs (those jpg’s !) the versatility of it, the ease of use of the menus and options, the fun to use dials and knobs, the discreetness of it, specially when in the streets, the lightness of it all. As a result I never had a second though about grabbing the camera in all circumstances and during the many hours I spend photographing the places I traveled. What a joy !!. It was like re-discovering the whole fun of photography all over again.

As a result of this travel I got to explore and love the Fujifilm X system. As a result, I can truly say that my entire photographic passion got totally refreshed and multiplied to even further dimensions.

After a few weeks I decided to buy a 23mm F/2 prime lens which is a must have if you are into travelling or street photography in my opinion.

X-Pro2 [ – 1/2500sec – ISO-200 – Lens : 35mm at f/5.6 ]

Finally setting for a PRO camera

After a few months of intensive use i started to look for a more Pro body because I value having cameras that can withstand hardships, bad weather conditions and also because I value to be able to work with two memory card slots. I of course looked to the XT-3 which seemed to be a natural evolution, but my attention was quickly drawn to the soon to be released X-Pro3. As I said previously I am a newcomer to the Fuji system and I didn’t know the different models and iterations of their camera lineup. Since the X-Pro3 was not yet released I started to read blogs and reviews of the X-Pro2 older model and I fell in love with the pictures that I saw.

If you have red my article on Features vs emotions you’ll know how I think about the amount of features and technology that I really believe we need when exerting our passion for photography. To me the deal was quite clear : either spending over 2.000 € on a new camera (this dura black X-Pro3 certainly looks absolutely gorgeous) or spend less than 800 € on a second hand X-Pro2, buy some new glass with it and save the rest for travelling.

X-Pro2 [ f/2 – 1/6400sec – ISO-400 – 23mm ]

So that’s how I found myself buying a 4 years old camera with an older generation sensor that the one I replaced it with (the XT-30). A few months on and I could not be more happy with my decision, I mean, the XPro series are such a high level quality cameras, such a joy to use and so sexy too if you want my opinion ! I still grab my camera sometimes, with no reason other than feel it and look at it

There’s plenty of reviews of this 4 year old camera, so I won’t add another one here, that’s not the point of this article, but hopefully you will see quite a fair amount of photographies made with it on this site.

So this is how I bought a 4 years old camera and how it has made me enjoy the photography even more than ever !.


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