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  • Fluorescent Negative film simulation (X-trans IV)
    Ever since the Classic Negative film simulation was released and I got my X-Pro3 I’ve been using it and trying hard to love it. I must say that my most used and loved film simulation, aside the black […]
  • Q2 Monochrom film simulation (X-trans IV)
    NOTE: There was an early version of this recipe, which I have dramatically altered since then, as it was far from accurate. This new one should be more like the “real” thing. The great thing about the Fujifilm […]

I’m a Barcelona based photographer

My name is cestbibi, I’m an enthusiast photography amateur. Thank you for stopping by and taking your time to read !

I put up this site with the intention of gathering and showing some of my photographic work over the past years and also as a means to write about photography in general, with no other intention than sharing some thoughts and findings I have made. Occasionally I will also talk about gear I own and use. Maybe you’ll find something useful here for you. You can also have a look at my favorite photographer list, which of course, speaks also about me.

Feel free to share your thoughts if you wish so and don’t be shy to contact me.

Cheers !